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Bravo Whiskey is a feature-length independent documentary film that chronicles the journey I made with my father, a Vietnam War veteran, to visit his old radioman and best friend from the war, Dan Bolyard. In the fall of 2008 we drove out to Bolyard's hometown, nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Our visit marked the first time both men had seen each other since their days together in Vietnam, nearly forty years ago, and forever changed my understanding of war that I was not in, but that continues to reverberate in my life.

After our visit with Bolyard, my father and I continued our journey east to Washington D.C. to pay our respects at the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial. There, I found myself reflecting on what I had just witnessed between my father and a man who until recently I had only know in story. As my father searched for the names of the many men he once knew, I began to meditate on my complex relationship to both my father and the Vietnam War. In the end, I find meaning not in the names of the tens of thousands who had fallen, but in the remarkable stories of two old men who had survived the war.

Curt Bozif

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(Trailer) Bravo Whiskey, 2011, video, 4:46,
(full-length 70:48)

Bravo Whiskey has recently been added to the collections of the Northwestern Univeristy Library and the Pritzker Military Library. You can request a DVD be shipped to your local public or univeristy library for checkout through interlibrary loan.